Sudden Death Syndrome 
(Fusarium Virguliforme)

Heads Up® is an EPA registered seed treatment that gives you a new mode of action to prevent SDS.
EPA Reg. #81853-1
PMRA Reg. # 29827 Pest Control Products Act

Soybean SDS Study Rosemount, MN, 2013

Study Conductor: Dr. Dean Malvick, UMN

To view more research on how Heads Up® can help your soybeans prevent SDS click here.

Notes on Sudden Death Syndrome
  •  SDS is caused by Fusarium virguliforme which has the ability to overwinter on crop residue and in the soil (soil-borne fungi)
  • Infection usually occurs under cool, wet conditions in the spring, however noticeable symptoms usually not present until Reproductive Stages (R2+)
  • The pathogen releases a toxin that causes necrosis, yellowing of the leaves which leads to reduced ability to provide nutrients, pod abortion and yield losses up to 50%
  • There are currently no completely resistant varieties to SDS; and fungicide options are few
  • Heads Up® is a signalling plant activator, that can help your soybeans defend against SDS while also providing protection against White Mold
heads up plant protectant
heads up plant protectant
heads up plant protectant
heads up plant protectant