Sudden Death Syndrome 
(Fusarium Virguliforme)

Heads Up® is an EPA registered seed treatment that gives you a new mode of action to prevent SDS.
EPA Reg. #81853-1
PMRA Reg. # 29827 Pest Control Products Act

Soybean SDS Study Rosemount, MN, 2013

Study Conductor: Dr. Dean Malvick, UMN

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Notes on Sudden Death Syndrome
  •  SDS is caused by Fusarium virguliforme which has the ability to overwinter on crop residue and in the soil (soil-borne fungi)
  • Infection usually occurs under cool, wet conditions in the spring, however noticeable symptoms usually not present until Reproductive Stages (R2+)
  • The pathogen releases a toxin that causes necrosis, yellowing of the leaves which leads to reduced ability to provide nutrients, pod abortion and yield losses up to 50%
  • There are currently no completely resistant varieties to SDS; and fungicide options are few
  • Heads Up® is a signalling plant activator, that can help your soybeans defend against SDS while also providing protection against White Mold
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