White Mold

(Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum)

White Mold (Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum)

Heads Up® – The first EPA registered seed treatment for both White Mold and Sudden Death Syndrome.

“Sudden death syndrome (SDS) and white mold are two of the most important fungal diseases in soybean production in the US, affecting 40 to 50 million acres in the north-central region. Yield losses can be as high as 50% in fields having severe infestation. Outbreaks of the two diseases occur in seasons with different temperatures. Therefore, these two diseases threaten the sustainable production of soybean in the North Central Region.” – Dr. X.B. Yang, ISU

Soybean White Mold Seed Treatment Trial – Denmark WI, 9/5/19

          Left Strip: Fungicide/Insecticide Seed Treatment Only                                          Right Strip: Fungicide/Insecticide Seed Treatment + Heads Up® 


Left Strip: Fungicide/Insecticide Seed Treatment Only
Right Strip: Fungicide/Insecticide Seed Treatment + Heads Up®


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For a preventative approach against Sclerotinia White Mold

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Key Benefits:
  • Induces season long, systemic disease resistance through S.A.R
  • Active against a broad spectrum of disease pathogens including sclerotinia white mold
  • Compatible with other seed treatments and inoculants
  • No restrictions between treatment and use
  • Cost effective and available upon request from your local seed dealer

Do you have a complete white mold management plan?

Heads Up® is an EPA registered biological seed treatment for the prevention of white mold in soybeans and pulse crops.
An economical, proactive approach to controlling white mold, Heads Up Seed Treatment is a valuable step in a fully integrated white mold management plan. 

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ISU Research has shown with Heads Up® you can expect

Lower overall incidence of disease
Fewer diseased plants
Reduction in the severity of white mold

*trial conducted by Dr. X.B Yang, Plant Pathologist ISU

Featured Study

Iowa State Research Farm Progress Report

Efficacy Results of Fungicides on Soybean White Mold Control

– Dr. S.S. Navi, Dr. X.B. Yang, Dr. Kenneth Pecinovsky

Heads Up Seed Treatment


Find out why researchers call Heads Up Seed Treatment

“A Better Way to Protect Beans Against White Mold!”

Inoculant Only vs. Heads Up Plant Protectant + Inoculant Video 

Severe White Mold Infestation – Perham, Minnesota 2017

2017 White Mold Trial – Whitewater, Wisconsin

Heads Up® in combination with a commercial seed treatment base added 9.7 bu/ac in yield and helped reduce disease severity by 13%

Dry Bean Data

Dry Bean Studies on White Mold – Clean Yield in Bushels at 15% Moisture

Heads Up® Seed Treatment Added +12.47 bu/ac over untreated check.
CruiserMaxx Beans (CMB) are trademark of Syngenta Group Company.

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White Mold in Pinto Beans

Percentage of Diseased Plants.
Innovotech Inc., Dr. Michael Harding, Brooks AB Canada, 2011 *
Lance is a BASF product.
Agress is a trademark of Innovotech Inc.

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Heads Up Seed Treatment Vs Untreated Soybean Photos

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