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About Heads Up®

Heads Up® Plant Protectant

Seed Treatment

About Heads Up®

Heads Up® is a biological seed treatment that brings a new mode of action for growers to get a head start against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases in row and specialty crops. Used alone or in combination with other fungicide / insecticide seed treatments, Heads Up® brings additional, full-season protection to help position your plants to succeed against yield robbing disease pathogens.

Benefit for Soybean Growers

Heads Up® Plant Protectant is nationally distributed in the United States and Canada and is the only EPA/PMRA registered seed treatment for suppression of both sudden death syndrome (fusarium virguliforme) and white mold (sclerotinia sclerotiorum) in soybeans.

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With more than fifteen years of data, growers across the United States and Canada trust Heads Up® to complete a superior seed treatment program. When combined with other seed treatments and inoculants Heads Up® helps growers achieve stacked modes of action against the toughest diseases, putting them on the right track to achieving higher yields by suppressing soil borne disease and contributing to overall plant hardiness.


Seed Treatment Details

  • Label approved crops: soybeans, corn, potatoes, dry beans, peas, wheat, and the pre-transplant foliar and root dip of tomato seedlings. See Trial Data
  • Formulated from highly concentrated plant extracted chemicals, no living organisms.
  • Mode of Action – Systemic Acquired Resistance – works by triggering the plants innate defense pathways upon germination to kickstart season long disease protection.
  • Systemic, full season mode of action
  • No time to planting restrictions
  • Can be used in combination with other seed treatments as another line of defense (separate mode of action to compliment fungicide/insecticide seed treatments) or used stand alone.
  • OMRI™ registered and approved for organic use. See Certificate
  • Low use rate and compatible with other treatments.
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Available for use in Canada and the following States:
  • Arkansas, Arizona
  • California, Colorado
  • Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana
  • Kansas, Kentucky
  • Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana
  • North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York
  • Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Washington, Wyoming, Wisconsin



Heads Up Seed Treatment is sold as a water soluble, highly concentrated dry powder. It must be pre-slurried into solution before use (go to application guidelines).

  • One package treats up to 400 units (20,000 lbs) of soybean, dry bean, wheat, or pea seed.
  • One package treats up to 200 units (10,000 lbs) of corn seed.
  • Other crops: see label
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