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News & Articles

From AgPhD Show #1136 | January 12, 2020
Agtegra Cooperative | December 17, 2019
Agtegra Agronomy Tech Service Manager Brad Ruden discusses strategies to help control and fight against white mold yield loss.
Colin Dutcheshen, VP of Heads Up Plant Protectants, tells us about the company's biological soybean seed treatment "Heads Up", helping farmers keep soybean diseases at bay throughout the entire growing season.
Ag PhD Interview featuring Heads Up Plant Protectant, May 20/2019.
Farm Journal's AgPro - April 26, 2019.
Innovation Series Field Results - Seed Treatment 2017 and 4 year Data - Brad Ruden, Manager of Agronomy Tech Services, AgTegra
Information on Heads Up and an integrated pest management plan for growers who have white mold issues in soybeans - courtesy of AgTegra
2015 and 201 Data Here | legendseeds.ca
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