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Pre-Planting Treatment

Label Approved Crops

Heads Up is a pre-planting treatment for seeds and pre-transplant seedlings. It’s designed to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases in row crops. Corn, dry beans, peas, potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes, and wheat can all benefit from our seed treatment, which triggers a given plant’s ingrained disease defenses.

Crop rotation and moisture management within crop rows may act as moderately effective strategies for disease mitigation. Growing crops create canopy—the touching of plant crowns—which creates a cool, moist environment in the soil. These conditions are ideal for the spread of diseases, making moisture management crucial. Some recommend deep tilling to bury sclerotia (hard black resting structures carrying white mold’s fungal spores) to mitigate white mold risk, but studies show it may do more harm than good. Sclerotia can effectively harm plants if it rests within two inches of the soil’s surface. 

If sclerotinia sclerotiorum (white mold) continues to affect swaths of your crop yield, our seed treatment is advisable for your next season. Click on a plant below to learn more about how our product can help.


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