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How Heads Up™ Works

Traditional fungicides kill the disease-producing organism directly, but they do not increase the plant’s disease resistance. HEADS UP™ OFFERS ANOTHER APPROACH Q: How does Heads Up™ work? What is the mode of action? A: Heads Up™ is a signaling plant activator. All plants have natural disease defense abilities: Plants have the ability to stimulate protective […]

Heads Up® – Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s)

What is Heads Up®? Heads Up® is an EPA/PMRA registered biological seed treatment for the prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases of plants. EPA Reg. #81853-1 PMRA Reg # 29827 Pest Control Products Act What are the labelled uses / diseases? Heads Up® is EPA registered for the prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases in […]

A Better Way to Protect Beans from White Mold

Heads Up® priming effect in action Left side: Untreated Pinto Beans.  Right side: Heads Up® treated Pinto Beans. Photo taken: ICDC, Outlook SK, September 2017. Did you know? In 2017, all dry bean seed brought to Alberta (Canada) was treated with Heads Up®.  Dr. Michael Harding, Brooks, AB based research scientist and plant pathologist, with […]

Will You Be Attending Commodity Classic 2018?

Are you challenged every year by diseases like white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), Rhizoctonia root rot, damping off and sudden death syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme) on your farm? You are not alone! White mold and sudden death syndrome affect an estimated 40-50 million acres of soybeans across the north central region every year! Both fungal diseases, while […]

Heads Up Gains Praise From Wheat Growers

Looking for new options to help manage Soybean White Mold? For a few dollars an acre, ASK your seed dealer to add Heads Up® to your seed treatment package, giving you Enhanced soybean white mold protection! Want to learn more? Check out this success story on Heads Up®, courtesy of Brad Ruden, Director of Technical […]

Heads Up® featured on Ag PhD radio

In case you missed it, here is a second chance to listen to Glenn Herz, Field Research Lead with Hefty Seed Company discuss his 2017 research results.  Last season, Heads Up® was featured in two trials at the Hefty research farm near Baltic, SD. Both the Heads Up® and the Dominance® + Heads Up® Seed […]

Don’t Let White Mold Hold Back Your Yield Potential

Struggling with yield robbing diseases like white mold and sudden death syndrome in your soybeans? Want to learn all about Heads Up®, and how it can be an integral part in your disease management program for better yields on your farm?  Interested in meeting our team while picking up some information on our latest trials […]

Activate Genetic Disease Resistance!

Photo Source: https://www.keyplex.com/knowledge-base/broccoli-research/systemic-acquired-resistance-plants-secret-weapon/ All plants have natural disease defense abilities.  The ability of your plants to defend themselves against disease or host, is regulated by several protective chemical defense pathways. To become effective, these natural defense pathways need to be signalled or turned on (elicited).  Naturally, the signalling of these pathways occurs only by infection […]

Soybean White Mold Stealing Your Yield?

Soybean white mold (also known as Sclerotinia stem rot) is one of the major yield robbing diseases in the north central region of the United States.  While the disease favors cool and wet conditions, symptoms can come on early or at anytime throughout the growing season causing devastating losses. This year major yield losses have […]

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Biological Success Against SDS!

Sudden death syndrome in soybeans, caused by fusarium virguliforme, can be a major detriment to yield in much of the north central United States. While there are no completely resistant SDS cultivars of soybeans, biological seed treatments can be an effective management tool. In 2017, Heads Up Plant Protectants engaged Agri-Tech Consulting, out of Whitewater, […]

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