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September Soybean Disease Update

As we wind down from Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, it’s hard to believe it’s already September. Soybeans are maturing and filling nicely in many areas; we can officially report one of our trial collaborators south of Fargo has begun harvesting black beans on August 31st, so it’s safe to say harvest is here! […]

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The Problem of White Mold & SDS In Soybeans

As featured in Michigan Farm News, February 28, 2022 White mold produces tough survival structures called sclerotia. Research by X.B. Yang, Ph.D., out of Iowa State University has shown sclerotia can survive in soil for up to seven years, even through crop rotation. If you had white mold in 2020 and are rotating back to soybeans […]

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How Heads Up® Differs From Traditional Fungicides

Traditional fungicides kill disease-producing organism directly, but they do not increase the plant’s disease resistance. HEADS UP OFFERS ANOTHER APPROACH Q: How does Heads Up® work? What is the mode of action? A: Heads Up® is a signaling plant activator. All plants have natural disease defense abilities: Plants have the ability to stimulate protective chemical […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Heads Up®? Heads Up® is an EPA/PMRA registered biological seed treatment for the suppression of fungal and bacterial diseases of row and specialty crops. EPA Reg. #81853-1 PMRA Reg # 29827 Pest Control Products Act What are the labelled uses & diseases? Heads Up® is EPA registered for the prevention of fungal and […]

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Protect Beans from White Mold

Heads Up® priming effect in action Left side: Untreated Pinto Beans.  Right side: Heads Up® treated Pinto Beans. Photo taken: ICDC, Outlook SK, September 2017. Did you know? In 2017, all dry bean seed brought to Alberta (Canada) was treated with Heads Up®.  Dr. Michael Harding, Brooks, AB based research scientist and plant pathologist, with […]

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