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Soybean Crops

Mitigation of Soybean Fungal & Bacterial Diseases

Globally, about 370 million tons of harvested soybeans are produced for use in the food system—and the U.S. is one of the primary exporters of this common crop. Since it’s so widely used, soybean farmers must be highly efficient to maintain strong results every year. The mitigation of soybean fungal and bacterial diseases is a daunting task, as large percentages of one’s yield can succumb to white mold and sudden death syndrome (SDS) without careful attention.

EPA Reg. #81853-1
PMRA Reg. # 29827 Pest Control Products Act

Heads Up® Plant Protectant is a preplant seed treatment for the prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases in soybeans including Sudden Death Syndrome (Fusarium Virguliforme), Rhizoctonia Root Rot / Damping Off (Rhizoctonia solani) and White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum).

  • Root Rot and Post-Emergence Damping Off (caused by Rhizoctonia solani)
  • White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum)
  • Sudden Death Syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme)
Application Rate

When Heads Up is applied with other commercial seed treatments, first make a solution of 1 quart water to one 58 gram package. Shake well, Heads Up will dissolve uniformly and easily. One ounce (1 oz.) of solution when tank mixed with other fungicide/insecticide or liquid inoculants will treat up to 625 lbs or 12.5 units of seed.


Apply Heads Up alone or tank mix with other insecticides/fungicides or liquid inoculants. Objective is to get a wet shiny appearance to the seed, ensuring 5-8 oz of total solution is applied per cwt.

Special Considerations

One 58 gram package of Heads Up is intended to treat up to 20,000 lbs of seed or 400 units.


Heads Up has a stable shelf life and can be applied well in advance to planting.

Caution: When tank mixing with other products be aware of their specific time restrictions. Unlike Heads Up, microbial products may have to be used immediately when treated.

Treat only healthy vigorous seed or seedlings: Application of Heads Up Plant Protectant to damaged or diseased seed or seed of low quality or vigor will not improve seed performance. Always apply to healthy seed or seedlings that are vigorous and actively growing under stress-free conditions.

Heads Up is a proven deterrent against sudden death syndrome (SDS) and white mold, the two most common soybean diseases in the Midwest. On average, Heads Up-equipped seeds produce an additional two bushels of healthy soybeans per acre, leaving you with a healthy ROI. Call us today to learn more about getting your fields back on track!

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