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      Jeff Schultz

      PH: 309-278-2446

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      Great Lakes Region

      Gary Hurst

      PH: 517-930-5370

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      Why Heads Up®?

      Heads Up® is a biological seed treatment that brings a new mode of action for growers to get a head start against a variety of fungal and bacterial diseases in row and specialty crops. Used alone or in combination with other fungicide / insecticide seed treatments, Heads Up® brings additional protection to help position your plants to succeed against yield robbing disease pathogens.

      The only EPA/PMRA registered seed treatment for suppression of both sudden death syndrome and white mold in soybeans.
      • Lower overall incidence of disease
      • Reduction of the severity of disease
      • Fewer infected plants
      • Fewer sclerotia in harvested beans
      • Less sclerotia returning to the soil, positively impacting future planting
      • Consistent yield benefit & industry leading R.O.I.
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