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Tomato Crops


EPA Reg. #81853-1
PMRA Reg. # 29827 Pest Control Products Act

Heads Up® Plant protectant is a pretransplant seedling root treatment for the prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases in tomato seedlings. Heads Up® may also be applied as a pretransplant seedling foliar treatment in tomato.

  • Pretransplant seedling root treatment
Application Rate

Mix at a ratio of 0.035 oz (1 gram) of Heads Up® Plant Protectant per 34 ounces (1 liter) of water. Apply 0.17 – 0.15 ounces (5-15 milliliters) of solution per square foot of started tomato seedlings in trays or until foliage is completely wet.


Foliar use only.

Special Considerations

Plants should be actively growing and free of stress conditions. Seedlings must be prepared and ready for transplanting. Spray seedlings until foliage is completely wet. Apply indoors in greenhouses or other enclosed structures or outdoors in enclosed spray booth.


Treat only seedlings you intend to plant and ensure all treated seedlings are used for planting purposes. Seedlings may receive a root dip treatment and foliar treatment in the same day.

Treat only healthy vigorous seed or seedlings: Application of Heads Up® Plant Protectant to damaged or diseased seed or seed of low quality or vigor will not improve seed performance. Always apply to healthy seed or seedlings that are vigorous and actively growing under stress-free conditions.

heads up plant protectant
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