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Why Heads Up® Seed Treatment?

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Heads Up® Seed Treatment is an EPA registered control option as a preventative approach for dealing with white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), sudden death syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme) and rhizoctonia root rot / damping off (Rhizoctonia solani) in soybeans.

Below are the top ten reasons why you should ask your dealer to add Heads Up® Seed Treatment to your soybean seed treatment package this spring.

  1. Proven Results. Heads Up® Seed Treatment has a long history of proven results across the United States and Canada; helping soybean producers control several fungal and bacterial diseases. By helping to reduce the severity and incidence of soil borne fungal diseases pressure, Heads Up® has shown an average yield advantage when applied with a commercial standard seed treatment, across the North Central Region (IA, IL, MN, MI, WI, KY, IN and ON) of +2.08 bu/ac over the past 11 years1.
  2. Compatibility. While Heads Up® Seed Treatment can be used alone to elicit the natural defense mechanism of your soybeans; research has shown it is also an exceptional tool in helping to control disease when combined with other seed treatments2.
  3. Stacked Mode of Actions. Heads Up® is not a fungicidal or insecticidal seed treatment, and therefore it does not work to inhibit or kill a fungal host or nematode. Instead, Heads Up® is a signalling plant activator, which utilizes a new, revolutionary mode of action (M.O.A) called systemic acquired resistance.  When combined with other fungicide/insecticide seed treatment products, Heads Up® gives you an additional measure of controlling several yield robbing disease pathogens, by signalling the plants defense mechanism early, which leads to a heightened defense response when pathogens strike.
  4. Systemic, season long control. When applied as a seed treatment, Heads Up® is active from the time of germination to natural senescence. Because the product works to signal a physiological change, turning on and engaging the plants defenses early, this heightened resistance stays on and active all-season long.
  5. Broad Spectrum. Due to the unique mode of action Heads Up® utilizes by activating genetic disease resistance, the seed treatment is able to combat a wide-host of soil borne disease pressures such as Sclerotinia, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.
  6. No restrictions. Heads Up® does not contain any living organisms, and can be applied to your seed months, weeks or days prior to planting.
  7. Multiple crop registration. Along with soybeans, Heads Up® is also registered as a pre-plant seed treatment in dry beans, corn, wheat, peas, potatoes and tomatoes. View our results online at https://headsupst.com/research/
  8. OMRI listed. Heads Up® is a biological seed treatment made from a proprietary blend of plant extracted biochemicals. The product is OMRI listed and may be used in certified organic crop production.
  9. EPA registered. Heads Up® Seed Treatment is an EPA registered biological seed treatment. Incorporated in 2003, EPA registration allows Heads Up® Plant Protectants Inc. to make disease claims on product labels, and farmers can rest assured these claims have been verified by the EPA through years of credible, third party results.
  10. Excellent Value. Heads Up® Seed Treatment costs less than ½ the price of a single bushel of soybeans. With 11 years of data across the North Central Region, seed treated with Heads Up® averaged +2.08 bu/ac better than seed that was treated solely with a commercial standard seed treatment.

With soybeans at an average of $9.50 / bushel; that’s a return of 4:1 on your investment!

For more information on Heads Up® including where to purchase visit www.headsupST.com or call us today 1.866.368.9306


  1. Data Collected by ISU and NCSRP.   Accessed October 30, 2017.
  2. View research on website. Soybean Trials.


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