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Heads Up® featured on Ag PhD radio

In case you missed it, here is a second chance to listen to Glenn Herz, Field Research Lead with Hefty Seed Company discuss his 2017 research results.  Last season, Heads Up® was featured in two trials at the Hefty research farm near Baltic, SD. Both the Heads Up® and the Dominance® + Heads Up® Seed […]

Don’t Let White Mold Hold Back Your Yield Potential

Struggling with yield robbing diseases like white mold and sudden death syndrome in your soybeans? Want to learn all about Heads Up®, and how it can be an integral part in your disease management program for better yields on your farm?  Interested in meeting our team while picking up some information on our latest trials […]

Activate Genetic Disease Resistance!

Photo Source: https://www.keyplex.com/knowledge-base/broccoli-research/systemic-acquired-resistance-plants-secret-weapon/ All plants have natural disease defense abilities.  The ability of your plants to defend themselves against disease or host, is regulated by several protective chemical defense pathways. To become effective, these natural defense pathways need to be signalled or turned on (elicited).  Naturally, the signalling of these pathways occurs only by infection […]

Soybean White Mold Stealing Your Yield?

Soybean white mold (also known as Sclerotinia stem rot) is one of the major yield robbing diseases in the north central region of the United States.  While the disease favors cool and wet conditions, symptoms can come on early or at anytime throughout the growing season causing devastating losses. This year major yield losses have […]

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Biological Success Against SDS!

Sudden death syndrome in soybeans, caused by fusarium virguliforme, can be a major detriment to yield in much of the north central United States. While there are no completely resistant SDS cultivars of soybeans, biological seed treatments can be an effective management tool. In 2017, Heads Up Plant Protectants engaged Agri-Tech Consulting, out of Whitewater, […]

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Biological Seed Treatments: Snake Oils or Excellent Investment Opportunities.

“Biological control products are the future for disease management in row crops1” – Dr. X.B. Yang – Principal Investigator – Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology – ISU Biological control products, such as seed treatments and soil-applied bio-fungicides, can be a valuable tool in helping you hit your yield targets. However, often these products are […]

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Top 10 reasons to ask your dealer for Heads Up® Seed Treatment

Heads Up® Seed Treatment is an EPA registered control option as a preventative approach for dealing with white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), sudden death syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme) and rhizoctonia root rot / damping off (Rhizoctonia solani) in soybeans. Below are the top ten reasons why you should ask your dealer to add Heads Up® Seed Treatment […]

Controlling SDS: What are your options?

Biologicals are a valuable tool today in preventing Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). “SDS and white mold are two significant fungal diseases in soybean production in the U.S., affecting 40 to 50 million acres in the north-central region. Yield losses can be as high as 50 percent in fields having severe infestation. Outbreaks of the two […]