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Protect Beans from White Mold

Heads Up® priming effect in action
Left side: Untreated Pinto Beans.  Right side: Heads Up® treated Pinto Beans.
Photo taken: ICDC, Outlook SK, September 2017.

Did you know? In 2017, all dry bean seed brought to Alberta (Canada) was treated with Heads Up®. 

Dr. Michael Harding, Brooks, AB based research scientist and plant pathologist, with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry recently released a new article to Alberta Pulse Growers on the efficacy of Heads Up® in dry bean production.

Noteworthy, Harding discusses his experience as below.

“Through four years of trials at Brooks and Lethbridge AB, Heads Up® often outperformed other products (referring to foliar fungicides). We were looking at fungicides for the management of white mould, but we weren’t seeing a transformation in the ability to control white mould. That one product (Heads Up® Plant Protectant) showed significant improvement in most years or a trend to improvement in others

Harding also notes “It (Heads Up®) turned out to have a significant effect, due to resistance priming.”

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Story Credit: Alberta Pulse Growers

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