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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Heads Up®?

    Heads Up® is an EPA/PMRA registered biological seed treatment for the suppression of fungal and bacterial diseases of row and specialty crops.

    EPA Reg. #81853-1
    PMRA Reg # 29827 Pest Control Products Act

  2. What are the labelled uses & diseases?

    Heads Up® is EPA registered for the prevention of fungal and bacterial diseases in soybeans, dry beans, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, wheat, field peas, and chickpeas.

    Key diseases controlled with Heads Up® include:

     Root Rot and Post-Emergence Damping Off (Rhizoctonia solani); White Mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum) and Sudden Death Syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme)

    Dry Beans: White Mold and Root Rot and Post Emergence Damping-off (Rhizoctonia solani)

    Seed Potatoes (cut or whole tubers): Rhizoctonia Canker and Black Scurf (Rhizoctonia solani)

  3. How is Heads Up® applied?

    A biological seed treatment, Heads Up® is sold as a water soluble dry powder, consisting of highly concentrated biochemicals.

    At the time of seed treating, the product is made into a solution, and can then be added directly to a fungicide/insecticide seed treatment slurry, further diluted with water in a separate tank, or can be added with liquid inoculant.

  4. Can Heads Up® be applied in the planter box?

    To ensure adequate coverage of Heads Up® seed treatment to your seed, we do not recommend adding Heads Up® in the planter box.

    For ease of use, ask your seed dealer/seed treater to apply Heads Up® at the time of treating your seed.

  5. What is the shelf life on Heads Up®?

    Heads Up® does not contain any living organisms and has a long, stable shelf life.

    The product comes as the active ingredient in dry powder form that you slurry with water to apply at the treater.
    If the package of Heads Up is unopened, it will be good for 10 years. If you open a package and don’t use all of it, you can reseal it and store for the next season. The opened package should also be good for 10 years, as long as it’s not contaminated with anything (keep moisture out, squeeze out air when resealing). The powder itself won’t go bad unless it gets contaminated with something from outside.

    The product can be applied to your seed immediately before planting, or weeks/months after treating. There are no restrictions in time-to-planting.

    Note, when mixing Heads Up® into a slurry of other seed treatments/inoculants, you will be limited to the shelf life of the other products.

  6. How does Heads Up® work?

    Heads Up® is not a fungicide, insecticide or an inoculant. It does not contain any living organisms, or fungal/bacterial inhibiting properties.

    The product is made from highly concentrated naturally occurring plant extracted chemistries.

    Heads Up® works through an alternative mode of action, called Systemic Acquired Resistance (S.A.R.), which activates the plants own genetic disease resistance prior to infection. This mode of action has been referred to as “resistance priming”.

  7. White Mold symptoms show up late in the year, how can a seed treatment help with that?

    Dr. Michael Harding, Plant Pathologist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Explains
    “It’s (Heads Up®) a product that’s normally applied as a seed treatment,” Harding said. “White mold usually comes in July or August, so it was hard to imagine it would be effective. It turned out to have a significant effect, possibly due to a phenomenon known as resistance priming. You can prime the plant to use its own natural resistance to the disease. It’s a different way of poking at the problem.”

    View Dr. Harding’s 4-year study on Heads Up

  8.  How long will the Heads Up® priming effect last?

    Because systemic acquired resistance activates and elicits the natural defense pathways of your plant, the priming effect of Heads Up® lasts full season.

  9. How does Heads Up® offer broad spectrum disease control?

    All plants have some level of tolerance and mechanisms to fight off disease.

    Due to genetic selection and breeding, some varieties display better field tolerance than others (different levels of resistance to certain pathogens exist).

    Through S.A.R., by eliciting the natural defense pathways of the plant, Heads Up® works with the plant to bring forward and turn on its innate defenses pre-infection.

  10. Will Heads Up® work better with a variety of beans rated moderately resistance vs a moderately susceptible variety?

    Disease management in all crops is a multi-step approach. Depending on your situation and field history with a certain disease, we recommend selecting the most resistant varieties available that work for your farm, and always consulting with an agronomic advisor.

    Research has shown an interesting yield response with Heads Up® in both susceptible and partially resistant varieties. Heads Up® works to bring forward whatever disease fighting abilities and genetics your variety has.

  11. Is Heads Up® OMRI listed for Organic Use?

    Yes, Heads Up® is approved for use in organic agriculture.

    OMRI Reg # OMRI – HUP-0287

  12. How is Heads Up® sold?

    Heads Up® is sold as a water soluble, dry powder.  1 package of Heads Up® will treat 400 units or 20,000 lbs of seed. (soybeans/dry beans)

  13. Where can I find Heads Up®?

    Ask your seed dealer to contact one of our distributor
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    Or find a retailer near you using our dealer locator
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  14. What is the cost?

    Heads Up® is an inexpensive seed treatment that can be used alone or in a seed treatment blend for enhanced protection.

    Please contact a dealer for more information on pricing.

  15. Where can I find some data on Heads Up®?

    Click here: Soybean Trials

  16. How can I find out more about Heads Up®?

    Head over to our About Heads Up page or call us today 1-866-368-9306

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