heads up plant protectant

Biological Seed Treatments: Snake Oils or Excellent Investment Opportunities.

“Biological control products are the future for disease management in row crops1” – Dr. X.B. Yang – Principal Investigator – Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology – ISU Biological control products, such as seed treatments and soil-applied bio-fungicides, can be a valuable tool in helping you hit your yield targets. However, often these products are […]

heads up plant protectant

Top 10 reasons to ask your dealer for Heads Up® Seed Treatment

Heads Up® Seed Treatment is an EPA registered control option as a preventative approach for dealing with white mold (Sclerotinia sclerotiorum), sudden death syndrome (Fusarium virguliforme) and rhizoctonia root rot / damping off (Rhizoctonia solani) in soybeans. Below are the top ten reasons why you should ask your dealer to add Heads Up® Seed Treatment […]

Controlling SDS: What are your options?

Biologicals are a valuable tool today in preventing Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). “SDS and white mold are two significant fungal diseases in soybean production in the U.S., affecting 40 to 50 million acres in the north-central region. Yield losses can be as high as 50 percent in fields having severe infestation. Outbreaks of the two […]